What is Retail Interior Design?

Basically, this is a specific planning and designing process of your store interiors in a creative and commercial way to draw people into the space to make shop.

Why To Consider Marble in Your Shop Interiors?

In today's business world, the differences between consumer products are getting decreased sharply while the competition is very intense. That is a quite crucial factor that affects the success of “how companies” offer their products. Product presentation takes an important place in the interior design of the store. The interior design includes all the elements from floor to ceiling and the type of materials used there has an impact on the buyer. Some of these effects are to attract consumers give them buying motivation and render the store preferable.

Today, consumers not only observe benefits of the products that they buy but also pay great attention to the quality and appearance of the environment where the purchasing process takes place. Therefore, retailers tend to include different materials such as marble in their interior design components to transform their stores something more stylish, elegant and high-quality. Marble, being a natural stone hundred percent yet a reasonable luxury, is the best visual way to show customers the core brand value.

Several worldwide known fashion brands such as Barney’s, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Bulgari see natural stones as a way to keep their places elegant, luxurious and timeless. For example, Bulgari London boutique combined the splendor of classical Roman architecture with the charm of old Hollywood. Carrara marble is used to create dramatic entrances and stunning stairs. Marble is not only a material preferred by high-end sector. Medium-sized fashion brands such as Zara or Mango are also using natural stones to enhance the user experience in their elegant and timeless concept stores. You can create a strong brand image in your store by taking advantage of the originality of AKASYA marble, just as it is used in this store design.

Why Should AKASYA Marble Be Used in Retail Stores?

The correct and successful presentation of your products in stores is directly related to the design and layout elements of your store. The atmosphere of the environment is an important issue both in terms of gaining competitive advantage and affecting the purchasing behavior of the customers. Especially in the retail sector, businesses compete each other to bring innovation to their indoor and outdoor designs which enables them differentiate from their competitors and impress their buyers. Each passing day, our buying habits are changing and e-commerce is gaining momentum with an increasing graphic. It became a must to offer good reasons to your customers for encouraging them to visit shops instead of online shopping.

You can achieve this only by providing a good customer experience. With its elegance and luxury feeling, marble will make your customers feel important in your stores. The marble used should be elegant; elegant enough to not distract the main attention from the products but magnificent enough to be eye-catching.

As seen in this design; these features are all available in our AKASYA marble. Its soft and calm hues will ease minds during shopping and make your customers feel on the cloud nine. You may opt for wooden materials to combine with AKASYA which will add and earthy look to your shop, or you may prefer to make contrast with nice grey marbles. In both ways Akasya is an easygoing product with any material in any environment. Therefore it is one of the most recommended type of marble in shop designs.

AKASYA is a marble that contains a white background. It creates a bright, spacious appearance thanks to its color.  A shopping store designed with AKASYA marble guarantees your products to be seen distinguishably. In retail sector, it is very important that the product presented must be well and easily noticed by the consumer. Bright and spacious sales areas with touches of timeless materials make consumers feel more comfortable and seduce them to purchase.

AKASYA marble will show the place more classic and modern with its elegant and cool appearance which will leave a positive impression on your brand. Customers will want to spend more time in your store and thus be encouraged spending more money. In addition to these features, as AKASYA is a unique type, it will integrate with the brand and assist in creating a brand image by adapting to the unique qualification that brands often use while positioning themselves.

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