After staying at home for a long time, sorry to admit but I think I became a self-styled philosopher.  I started questioning the complexities of life while an invisible particle is hanging around and menacing my fellow humans. Seems complex but it is actually so basic because laws of nature were working at its best.

Nature has built us and everything on basic principles. Big or small all creatures struggle basically for basic things. Size is immaterial, simplicity is guiding us. The same guiding force brought me to a conclusion that in life, I must strip myself from complicated things and concentrate more on the basics. Simple things, reliable things like rocks and stones. Fashion, crowded streets, pollution, concrete and glass buildings, never ending rush to catch up things, extensive traveling are all very unreal.

That kind of life is almost like man made plastics. Now I stay at home away from that artificial world and basic things started fermenting in me. Simple basic food for example. I have decided to bake sourdough bread.

Before making the dough, I must prepare the yeast. That yeast is invisible just like the other invisible particle outside chasing humans. But my invisible particle is now going to help me. I must care for it. Almost like a pet at home. Every morning I started cleaning and then feeding it. Always remembered to give water. Water is essential for life. Not too little not too much. Just enough. Seeing my pet yeast grow day by day made me so happy.

I knew that basic feeling of happiness by just seeing an invisible pet growing day by day. You may think that it is silly but there is a silent communication between us. A very basic relationship producing happiness. Basic things yielding to great outcomes. One must explore to taste that pleasure.

Feel the relationship between basic things of life. Grow that elevated mental state to get satisfaction from simplicity. Just like the feeling I have while I was enjoying my first slice of freshly cooked sourdough bread knowing that my pet yeast is smiling at me from that glass jar on my marble kitchen top. I am sure it has the same pleasure knowing how much pleasure I get from a warm slice of bread. I find it incredibly comforting to know this exchange of thoughts. Of course, I used part of my yeast for making the bread, but I continued feeding and cleaning it every morning.

The yeast became a part of my daily life just like the other invisible thing hunting the human species in the streets. The virus made me conscious about the basics of life. The virus and the yeast both invisible but both made me think the truth in solid durable natural things. Fashion, plastics, tall buildings, fat bank accounts, luxury brand products meant nothing when one considers the power of the invisible basic things. Virus is the legislature, and the yeast is the executive function. All led by an all-powerful mighty president called nature.

Tevfik T. Turker
Chairman of the Board
Leonardo Marble

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