Leonardo Marble is one of the leading traders and manufacturers of Turkish natural stone with an experience of  31 years.

Dating back to 1992, we started as a trader of granite blocks from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakstan to Turkey, Italy and the Far East. During this period, in response to a demand in these markets, we began exporting marbletravertine and limestone from Turkey.

Gauging Turkey’s strength in the area of limestone & marble and the corresponding increase in demand, it became apparent that Leonardo’s future lays in the marble trade. Our experience and feedbacks forwarded us to focus more on Italy which is trend-setter in stone related architecture sector.

As of 2008, we officially started our first Italian partnered company and showroom, A&G 23 S.R.L. in Carrara. Since then we are following up the new trends out there and sell Turkish, Italian, Macedonian, Greek blocks & slabs primarily to China alongside India, Italy, Middle East countries and ultimately worldwide.

In line with market requirement, we are continuing to focus more on white and light gray marble blocks and slabs.


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