Marble: A Nontemporal Interior Fashion

It is a known fact that marble has always been a symbol of luxury for centuries. There are countless ways to use marble. Ancient civilizations chose this material for statues, buildings and floorings. Today, it is used not only for structural purposes but also for aesthetic concerns.

Thanks to technological developments, it became more reachable and affordable. Architects and contractors have included marble in their projects at multiple places such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, villas, coffee shops, retail shops, places of worship, banks, hospitals and public places.

How to Incorporate Marble into Your Interiors?

You can use marble almost everywhere in your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, foyers and halls as well. In order to have an impressive and accent interior, all details such as walls, floor covering, ceiling decor, furniture, accessories, colors and patterns should be considered in the same pot. Choosing sophisticated decorative objects and adopting a minimalist approach may turn your room into an oasis.

Whatever style you decide to adopt, you can make your interior design much more astonishing with marble! So far, we’ve talked a lot about marble kitchens and marble bathrooms, but we didn’t say much about the living rooms where we spend most of our time in. So, let’s take a look where you can use marble in your living room!

Where to Use Marble in Your Living Rooms?

Accent Walls: They are often "one wall style" and generally preferred in livingrooms or bedrooms. To make a difference in your decoration, you can design a feature wall for a more stylish look.

Are Accent Walls Still Cool?

In the 12th century, heralding visual designs symbolizing the spirit and motto of the European nobility were very popular. Today, on the other hand, countless families in society have marble walls representing their attitude and taste. The marble backdrop is for the modern family, just as the coat of arms is for the European nobles.

Every decade has its own design trends. It is important to know what is in and out. Even though new interior trends are evolving to more minimal and neutral approaches, marble wall trend never fades out. It is just about small changes. Today, neutral colors have gained more recognition. We should avoid from baroquely exotic marbles with dark and dense patterns in our interiors.

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but we shouldn’t ignore the common sense and move towards marbles in the hues of soft white, grey or light grey. So how to make your walls both stylish and accent? We still can get an accent wall with soft colors like white AKASYA marble. It always gives you the flexibility you want, plus its characteristic veining reveals the artistic beauty with quality, texture and aura holding inside. Thus, your walls stay up-to-date.

3 Advantages of Marble Feature Walls!

• They deliver palpable value to the property. It is almost impossible that the magnificent beauty of marble walls that somehow has escaped one’s notice.

• They give an identity to any place making it ten times unique as there are no two blocks of marble that are quite same.

• They dignify any room since it is the most natural material with perfect hues, characteristic veining and different finishes.

To find out more, keep reading!

Floor Coverings: This is the most classic yet frequently referred way to use marble. It produces remarkable results. It offers numerous colors and unique characteristic veins. White marble slabs are one of the best options for floors as it adds elegance with a pure look. AKASYA from our white marble selection would be a perfect preference for those who wishes to create serenity in their interior atmosphere.

Coffee Table: Lately, coffee tables with marble top is highly trendy. You can opt for round, oval, square or rectangle coffee tables. You may want to have two small coffee tables or one large one. We are certain that whatever you choose, it will make your coffee breaks more stylish.

Dining Table: A marble table is more than a dining table. It is one of the most important figures of the living rooms. Marble tables bring out the elegance. You may go for bold colors to make contrast with your furniture or a tint color to catch a “tone sur tone” effect which adds a sophisticated and very feminine note.

Accessories: You can make huge changes in your living room with marble details such as decorative figures, coasters, chandeliers, candlesticks, frames or flower pots.

Which is the Most Suitable Marble for the Living Room?

It is possible to get a unique and impressive living room by choosing right marble and adopting creative design philosophy. Otherwise, it may result in eye-tiring spaces. The appearance of your living room is highly important because it can create either positive or negative impact on people.

Dark floor coverings and heavy wooden furniture can make your space look smaller and darker than its usual. However, it is easy to make interiors more comfortable with light colored flooring and furniture in soft neutral tones.

For this reason, white marble, gray or light gray marble varieties are more commonly preferred in living room decorations. To create a wider and brighter atmosphere in your living room you can opt for AKASYA marble. That would be your cure to get most aesthetic results.

False Facts About Marble Usage in Interior Design

• The most common belief is that marble is a very costly material. Yes, marble can be costly as its production and workmanship require more labor compared to other building materials, but it is more affordable than other materials considering the durability, longevity and usefulness of it.

• The most common false perception of marble is that interiors designed with marble will have a traditional look. Vice versa, you can always keep your living space up to date by creating very modern and original spaces with it.

• Another mistake is the thought that the areas designed with marble will eventually result in a dull and cold appearance. On the contrary, the spirit of the spaces is created by combining the right colored marble with carefully selected furniture, decorative objects and planting. You can create sophisticated, bold yet warm and neutral spaces using marble.

Finally, we’ve answered some of the questions you sent;

1. How can I use marble in the living room?
As we mentioned in our article, you can use marble in your furniture and accessories as well as in floor, wall or ceiling coverings.

2. Is it difficult to clean marble?
Since marble is a material that is easy to clean, it will make things easier for you while cleaning the house.

3. With which colors should I combine marble in my living room?
It depends on marble you select. But if you choose AKASYA, you can combine it with any color due to its white surface and fine light gray lines.

4. Can I create any design I want with marble?
You can achieve the look you want by getting professional help with any marble you choose.

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