Wonderful miniatures of historical architectural structures carved from stone and marble by Matthew Simmonds.

From ancient times to the present day, there has never been a lack of artists who have used stones to construct eternal and magnificent buildings, but there are very few artists who carve buildings into stones. Artist Matthew Simmonds is one of them.

This English-origin Copenhagen artist became famous in 2014, carving miniature basilicas, rotundas (round and domed structures) and columns from marble and stone. His combination of impressive handcraft, masterful techniques and acquired skills have made him a world-renowned and award-winning artist.

While creating his works, Simmonds uses modern caves, exotic magical religious sites (cathedrals, churches), fantastic Greek structures, historical Roman columns, etc. The common architectural techniques and details we see in these sophisticated buildings are doric columns, arches and vaulted ceilings.

Artist Matthew Simmonds uses a single block of marble, limestone or travertine to create each work. He chooses marble and natural stones in various tones and textures. Each building or structure has powerful varying perspectives. The sculptor carves these intricate structures into natural stone blocks with ultimate care and craftsmanship to give us a sense of a larger space.

Simmonds studies a number of cultures in his work, including Muquarnas ceilings found in Iranian architecture and with his SINAN sculpture he pays tribute to the 16th century Turkish architect Mimar Sinan.

In his Trilogy, Matthew references to Chinese architecture. The design of these sculptures follow the laws of Feng Shui, which require unbroken edges and the details are framed by window-like openings.

Interior Desing and Natural Stone Enthusiast

He also uses different light angles to define small areas and show different details. Thus, he explores the connection between nature and human effort in his miniatures.

Matthew Simmonds' stone sculptures make us believe that there are many things that slow down time in our hasty world and make us feel the beauty of peace and quiet.

Interior Desing and Natural Stone Enthusiast

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