Marble Bathroom is Always in Fashion!

Marble, the ageless material for bathroom designs over millennia, is still in vogue. White marble is especially an impeccable material for bathrooms. It is naturally water resistant and carries luxury and elagance wherever it goes. It has been a material used in construction and building industries for thousands of years. First, the Romans and subsequently the Ottomans began using marble in their public baths to conserve heat.

In today’s world, marble continues to be used as the main material in bathrooms, showers and sinks in order to preserve heat and achieve a sophisticated and magnificent look. Especially white marble has become an essential material since it makes the area more spacious and broad. That is why, we witness the use of white and light gray colors in our bathrooms.

You can design your bathroom in a unique way and reflect your own style to your bathroom. Each marble is unique and offers numerous different color, shape, vein structure and surface finish. The use of marble in the bathrooms may sound to evoke an old and traditional sense of design but it actually symbolizes modernity thanks to changing and developing decoration understanding. Whether you adopt a classical approach to keep bathhouse spirit alive at home, or imagine a more modern bathroom with minimal lines; marble offers preferences suitable for every design dream!

Traditional And Modern Designs With White Marble
Marble can be used in a contemporary, classical, modern and traditional way depending on the environment, color and pattern. Hammams are the best example of a traditional usage of marble. If you want to create a "hammam concept" in your home, you can choose Marmara Equator marble, aka Striato Olimpico. White and gray linear stripes on walls and floors will give the impression of Turkish baths.

For a soft modern bathroom style, you can choose our unique AKASYA. This special marble defines a soft mass of gray tulle, flying over a vast and deep white ocean. You can complete Akasya with nickel equipped bathroom accessories and get today’s bathroom concept which is a combination of modern and classic. With some traditional features, you will get a spacious and recognizable style alongside mostly modern shapes. This bathroom, designed with AKASYA, as the main material, glass and nickel hardware emphasizing the light gray waves of the material itself. In addition, it has been aimed to create an organic living space by utilizing biophilic design elements with greenery and wood.

Using white marble and dark colors together will make your bathroom more modern. Using dark tones such as black and gray in the sink or tub can turn your bathroom into an up to date and timeless design. The use of black, anthracite, gray hues in an armature, shower head, shower cabin or bathtub will create a stylish look. You can create a monochromatic and eclectic image by contrasting white marble on the floor with a single facade black accent wall.

There is a point about white marble which is that it can sometimes show the area a little bit cold. However, it is quite possible to add warmth to the environment with organic textures and colors and the results are great. The contrast of natural wood and white marble will create a nice and warm atmosphere providing a contemporary bathroom look.


Durability: Since it is a moisture and water resistant material, it can be used for many years when careful use and regular maintenance is provided.
Easy cleaning: "What is the hardest place to clean at home?" Of course the bathrooms! However, this is not the case in marble bathrooms. A natural light soap or marble cleaner for a more deep cleaning will be enough. To extend your marble’s life, you may need to polish it periodically. It is an easy to clean material and one of the most advantageous one in terms of ease of handling.

Feeling privileged and special: With its workmanship and unique appearance, marble bathrooms, each unique, will make you feel privileged and special every day.

Combination with other materials: The accessories used with marble can provide integrity and create a perfect and unique bathroom appearance.

• Cons

Cost: Extracting and processing marble from underground is an expensive process as it requires high professionalism standars. It is in the luxury category among building materials. However, its durability for many years satisfies the end user when it is calculated in terms of price and performance.

What Is a Good Color For a Bathroom?

White never goes out of style in bathroom designs. That is why we highly recommend you to use AKASYA in your bathrooms for a clean crispy look. It goes perfect in large sections at closed areas. White  AKASYA used on floors will create a wider and more spacious look, especially in small bathrooms. You may have a small bathroom, but yet you may want to use some black in it. As you may immagine it may cause your bathroom to seem more smaller than its usual. As a solution, you can combine your white marble floor with a black marble sink. Thus you will avoid from that handicap and will enjoy the visual feast by creating contrast in black and white. Beige and gray marbles are also other mostly used ones; especially in shopping malls, public institutions and hotels.

In the Shower!

Marble is preffered not only for its perpetual look but also for its insulator property. It keeps heat inside for a long time. Besides, it shows water stains less than any other material. It is frequently preferred in the showers as it is water and moisture resistant and easy to clean. You can also cover your bathroom walls, floors and shower area with marble and create a warm atmosphere in your magnificent bathroom.

What to Pay Attention To A Marble Bathroom?

Bathrooms are humid and wet environments, but marble is not affected by this since it is water and moisture resistant. However, cleaning it with chemical cleaners damages the marble and causes it to wear easily. Therefore using warm water and soap will allow you to retain your marble brand new for a long time. If this is not enough for you, it will be sufficient to clean your bathroom with naturally produced cleaners specially designed for marble surfaces. Getting help from companies that perform marble cleaning at regular intervals will also make the marble in your bathroom look cleaner, brighter and newer.

Any Recommendations?

The original and unique AKASYA marble is highly recommend in the design of bathrooms as it offers the opportunity to create a personalized design by adding a fresh air to your bathroom with its color and patterns. You can create your own exclusive bathroom with Akasya. Gray tones in the veins are almost like the brushing strokes coming out of a painter’s painting. Just imagine Akasya marble in your home. Isn’t it marvelous? or marbelous ?

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