You’ve found the key to success if your customer begins to dream about your product.

However if your product is natural stone, like marble, it is a real challenge to introduce this heavy and cold material into your customers’ dreams. At the end of the day, the customers are going to pay for your products and you have to be able to project these heavy objects into an imagined world that will surround them, be it a home or office. You must guide them in designing their marble environment.

There is a critical moment when our heavy cold materials start to warm our customer’s mind and body like a warm blanket in front of a fireplace on a winter day. Until today, designers and architects undertook this transformation through their drawings or illustrations. They tried to make the customer imagine on paper the physicality of marble surroundings.

Today, we as marble suppliers and producers, should also participate in design and stimulate the creativity of our walk-in designers and prospective buyers. We have to display marble, in its full glory, in a live setting, rather than as a slab or tile. For the marble seller, who knows how this material looks and behaves more than anyone else, this is the road to future success.

Chairman of the Board

Leonardo Marble

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