Kitchen is a place where families spend most of their time together. It is the most used room in a house. 

Whether you are a gourmet, cooker or family member, kitchen is the most frequented area of the home where we hang out, drink, eat, have a word or two by a cup of coffee.

We all know that kitchens attract not only women but also men or other members of the family. When we are buying or renting a house, kitchen would be the first place that we want to see. We expect to have a clean, spacious and modern kitchen because we already know that we are going to spend most of our time in there. With our precious Akasya marble, you can create your dream white kitchen.

Why To Prefer Marble In Kitchen?

There are several materials to be used in kitchen but only marble can offer you a natural beauty, charm and character. Marble is a sign of luxury in any house. We might not be so wealthy to decorate our whole house with marble but yet why not have it in our kitchen? We can bring mother earth’s pericous gift in our kitchens at a reasonable price, and preserve it for many years.

Marble is the most favorite and preffered material of designers while decorating or renovating a kitchen. It is easy to maintain, clean; resistant to heat & impact, and stain-free. But no matter what material, it is necessary to pay attention as kitchens are prone to contamination.

Where You Can Enjoy Marble In Your Kitchen?

• Countertops and Islands are the most noticeable areas in a kitchen. If you are planning to use marble in your kitchen, be sure to apply it on your countertop and island. But don’t forget that countertops are the easiest parts that get dirty while cooking, serving or washing dishes. Therefore, material choice for caring marble would be of a great importance. Check out “how to clean” title below for further information.

• Backsplashes are also smart areas to use marble. It is possible to create very unique and creative patterns with marble tiles. You can cover your entire wall or just cover space between cabinets and countertop. There is a large world of options for patterns and colors.

• Floors covered with white marble will absolutely show your kitchen magnificent and heavenly large. If you have a small and narrow kitchen, you can prefer white materials like Akasya which will make it look large, clean, spacious and modern. Spilling food on the floor is a common case in any kitchen. So be careful for slippery floors and avoid it with honed surface treatment.

• Kitchen table is the place where you hang out with your family. A marble table would be an elegant choice and it will create a luxury atmosphere in your kitchen. You’ll be able to feed your eyes and stomach at the same time.

• Accessories: Last but not least; because small things make a big difference. Actually not only in kitchen but also in any room of your house you can use marble accessories. In kitchen, you can prefer marble trays, cutting boards, cheese board serving trays, rolling pins, napkin holders, coasters; in your winter garden marble pot; in your living room marbled pillar candles and in your bedroom marble picture frames… These little tiny marble-ous materials will make your home even more elegant.

How to Clean, Treat and Maintain Marble in Your Kitchen?

Countertop, island, backsplash or floor… No matter what and where. Marble is an easy to go material in return of a little bit of care. Just we need to know how to approach it and which products are best for it. It is a natural, living material which has a porous surface. Evertything we cut, we spill, we cook over a marble countertop will leave some liquid on it and the material is going to absorb the fluid. So how to keep it clean? Here you go some tips.

1) Apply to a good sealing agent. There are stone experts giving this service and it must be completed before you start to use your countertop. Listen their advices and repeat the operation as many as they suggests. Applying a spray sealant once in a month will buy you a lot time to preserve your marble over years.

2) Do not let vinegar, lemon, tomato sauce or alcohol dripping or splashing on your marble as they cause etching and wornout.

3) Wipe immediately when acidic foods such as lemon and vinegar are spilled over the marble surface.

4) Use warm water and soap or specially produced cleanser for marble.

5) Clean oil-based stains gently with liquid cleanser and don’t rub to much.

6) Clean coffee, tea, fruit stains with a cleanser including hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

7) Do not use chemical compound cleanser.

8) Keep your countertops clean all the time.

9) Use cutter board while cutting.

10) Avoid direct contact of items such as hot pots and teapots with marble.

11) Use dust moppers for floors with a dishwashing soap and avoid old vacuums that may damage the surface.

Marble vs Granite

Cost: Since marble is a more affordable material than granite, it will save you money.

Option: Since the color, shape, texture and vein structure varies in every marble, it is easier to find a marble for every taste than granite.

Easy to take form: Since marble is a material that takes shape easier than granite, it can be designed for every area in your kitchen.

Maintenance: Since marble can hold polish more easily than granite, maintenance is easier.

Marble vs Quartz

Naturality: While marble is a natural material, quartz is a man made, engineered artificial stone.

Unicity: Since marble is a natural material each slab’s coloring and veining are unique.

Price: Quartz is less expensive than marble and offer more color but same shape.

Sealing: Quartz is a non-porous product and doesn’t require sealing but it includes lung-damaging silica dust which causes deaths.

Finally, we answered the frequently asked questions for the use of marble in the kitchen.

Does Water Damage Marble?
Since it is a water-resistant material, it will not be damaged by frequent contact with water.

Does Marble Break Easily?
No, it is robust and durable. It doesn’t break unless it gets a violent blow and can be used for a long time.

How Can I Choose the Best Marble For My Kitchen?
The best marble for your kitchen should be chosen in accordance with the width of your kitchen, its lighting and the color of other accessories. However, it will be a risk-free choice to use Akasya, which suits every environment and color, in any kitchen adesign.

What is the Most Affordable Material for Countertop?
Considering the price and long-term availability, the most affordable kitchen countertop material would be marble.

Which Color Should I Use in the Kitchen?
You can choose which color you want as marble is very rich in colors and presents hundreds options. But white and light gray marbles will be a wise choice to crown your kitchen with breathtaking designs by creating bright and fresh look. Nobody wants a dark kitchen, right? Using Akasya, which is dominated by white tones, may show your area ten times larger than its usual, adding a sense of elegance. Exotic colors and patterns also should be preffered, but it is better not to exceed the limit to avoid exaggeration. Instead of whole wall covering, it may be better to use backsplah area or island. There is no account for taste and you may want to use even black or very dark marble in your kitchen. In this case be sure to go over and over the total design of kitchen to not end up with a depressed look.

Is Granite Better Than Marble?
As we mentioned in our article, it is more advantageous to use marble in kitchen designs because it is more affordable, there ara more options, can be shaped and maintained easily.

Is Quartz More Durable Than Marble?
Yes, it is. But remember that quartz is an artificial man-made stone consisting of mineral silica causing severe lung damage during production process. Some countries like Australia and USA debate on its use.

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