Leonardo Marble: Pioneering Global Trends in Natural Stone for Over Three Decades

With an impressive lineage spanning 31 years, Leonardo Marble stands tall as a paramount trader and manufacturer of Turkish natural stone. Our journey began in 1992, marking our foray into the granite trading business, importing blocks from nations such as Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan to diverse markets including Turkey, Italy, and the Far East. Responding to a surging demand, our pursuits expanded, exporting the splendors of Turkish marble, travertine, and limestone.

Our deep-rooted experience and insightful feedback propelled our focus towards Italy, an undeniable maven in stone-related architectural trends. This realization culminated in the birth of our first Italian partnered venture, A&G 23 S.R.L. in the historic city of Carrara in 2008. Since then, we have been at the epicenter of evolving global stone trends, offering the richness of both Turkish and Italian blocks and slabs to countries spanning the continents.

In addition to our trading endeavors, we pride ourselves on our direct involvement in the very essence of stone extraction. In 2012, we initiated quarry operations with the Moca Quarry, nestled in the Elazig Province of Turkey. Here, we extract limestone in two mesmerizing shades: the world-renowned Gold Moca and Silver Moca.

Whether it’s a trading partnership or a quest for the finest stone, Leonardo Marble promises excellence, heritage, and an undying commitment to the world of natural stones.

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