Alasdair Thomson is a new generation sculptor who learned the intricacies of his art in Italy.

Like all other sculptors of the past and today, his passion for marble is at a special point. But the main thing that makes it special is that it brings marble together with young people.

Young sculptor Alasdair Thomson creates modern concepts such as sneakers, hats, scooters, and some other functional items to energize the classic marble. Thus, it adds a special place to marble in the heart of generation Z by contributing to the charm of it.

Marble, an extremely valuable and rare building material, is one of the materials most commonly used by sculptors. We are familiar with the applications of marble in home decoration and classical sculpture, but the marble sculptures created by this young sculptor tend to be more integrated into the daily life of the younger generation.

The idea and starting point behind all these small marble works is based on the fact that young people can easily and organically communicate with marble by keeping them at home and in their rooms. For this reason, marble, which meets with concepts suitable for today's youth trend and fashion sense, offers a much more integrated experience to young people.Teenagers can live with marble and enjoy it daily.

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