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Using Marble in Restaurant and Bar Interiors


2020-04-15 10:04:25

The Importance of Interior Design in Restaurants or Bars!

Today, restaurants with impressive and comfortable interiors are most likely to be preferred in order to relax after a busy day at work. To escape from the chaos of the offices and get away from the crowds in the city, we frequent bars that offer a simple dinner as a quiet celebration. For this reason, the interior design of a recently-launched restaurant, bar or coffee shop is of great importance in order to increase brand awareness and satisfy customers.

While food and beverage industry keeps growing up, competition arises as a major challenge. The sector, itself, might be vibrant and demanding but they have to keep up in order to stay competitive. “Differentiation” as magic word comes out here. Differentiation in every sense. In the menu, in ingredients, in service quality and last but not least in interior design.

We all know that, we are living in the digital age. Digitalization changed also our way of consumption. Nowadays, we are consuming not to feed our stomach but to publish it online. People are looking for extraordinary, cool, luxury places for it. Bars or coffee shops continuing to serve with ordinary decorations cannot hold for a long time in the sector. The most important strategy applied by chain brands in the food and beverage sector is to make a great difference in their interior designs.

In today's competitive environment, we see that serving delicious food and drinks is not enough to influence and satisfy people. For a whole experience, unique restaurant and bar interior designs should be applied to affect the preferences of the people. We can assume that people who want to dine or drink outside prefer the venue considering its atmosphere and interior design.

For this reason, it is important to choose special and high-quality materials when designing food places in a way that it will comfort the guests in every respect. That will add up in overall acceptance of the restaurant and the design will directly affect your sales making your space more preferable.

Using Marble in Restaurant and Bar Interiors

Venue owners generally prefer to use marble in order to create unique interiors that reflect the spirit of their brand and also to give the venue an original identity. The designers, who believe that the marble creates a quality and original atmosphere, make this owners' wish come true and use marble creatively in restaurants and bars. AKASYA , with its clean look and original texture, is one of the most suitable marbles for restaurants and bars.

As it can be seen in this design, the bar covered with AKASYA marble, looks elegant and of high quality. You can use AKASYA marble on the bar counter, flooring, on table tops, walls and so on… To create a sincere atmosphere in your space, you should select AKASYA marble.

Advantages of Including Marble in Your Interior Design

In places such as restaurants and bars where the circulation is high, it is important to keep the space hygienic and spacious. By using AKASYA marble in your interior design, you can create a spacious environment thanks to its white background and vibrant look.

Employees spend most of their time to keep the place clean. Since marble is a material that is easy to clean, employees will save time and be less tired. It will be very advantageous to use marble in areas such as tabletops and bars.

Things to Consider While Designing a Restaurant or Bar

When starting the project, the most suitable design and material should be chosen in terms of customer satisfaction and comfort. Care should be taken to use the building materials in accordance with the architectural plan of the space. In the planning and implementation stages, utmost attention should be paid to the durability, quality and also economic values of the building materials by adopting the principle of customer-oriented action.

The materials to be used in the design should be durable and impressive at the same time. Considering this fact, the material proposed by interior designers to use in restaurant and bar designs becomes marble. Due to its durability and timeless look, never goes out of fashion and offers its user both functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Although cheap material selection will save money in the short term, it will damage the business in the long term because these materials will require constant repair and maintenance a lot than you imagine. You can solve this problem by using marble.

The most important thing to consider while choosing the marble is its color. The color of the marble should harmonise with furniture and show the area wider. For this reason, it is a wise choice to use light-colored AKASYA marble in your design. Akasia that can be easily combined with many colors, will encourage your customers to try your food and drinks with its appetizing beauty.

Effect of Interior Design on Both Customers and Employee’s Job Satisfaction

People usually prefer spending long time in restaurants and bars. In return expects these places serve them well. Interiors, decorated nicely and comfortable, become key places while choosing where to eat. Those who work in dark and crowded environments would become tired more easily. Accordingly, customer satisfaction will also be affected. By using marble in the design, you can make employees feel energetic and pleasant, which results in high service quality. In short, interior design will affect both employees and customers and highly contribute to the mood of the space.


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