Leonardo entered the natural stone market in 1992 as a trader of granite blocks, hence the name ?Leonardo Granite?. The company?s first order of business was selling granite block from the Soviet Union to Turkey, Italy and the Far East.

During this period, in response to a demand in these markets, Leonardo began exporting marble, travertine and limestone from Turkey. While still operating as a trader of granite blocks, in 1998, Leonardo opened its first quarry in Ukraine, extracting a granite stone commercially known as ?Coral Mist?.

Gauging Turkey?s strength in the area of limestone and marble and the corresponding increase in demand, it became apparent that Leonardo?s future lay in the marble trade. Responding to a waning demand for granite, Leonardo closed its Ukrainian quarry and focused entirely on its business in Turkish stone.

Today, Leonardo?s staff of expert engineers is spread throughout Turkey, procuring onyx, marble, travertine and limestone for export from nearly 100 different quarries.

The company?s presence in the local market and its strong relationships with Turkish producers affords it the capacity to deal in large volumes. Leonardo currently exports more than 300,000 tons of stone annually, primarily to China, along with Italy, India and Korea.

Within the next 5 years, Leonardo is poised to meet the demands of this dynamic industry by offering the opportunity to purchase Turkish marble, onyx, travertine, limestone and related stones through their subsidiaries established in Italy, in China and soon in India.